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The unique high power battery for maximum economic efficiency

TENSOR – Power that pays

The increasing demands of modern trucks require batteries
which comprise high performance and energy efficiency.
Based on many years extensive experience of producing
high performance batteries (e.g. for submarines), GNB has
now developed the next generation of lead-acid batteries.
The core benefits of TENSOR are the increases in
performance, capacity and energy efficiency.

Advantages over conventional traction batteries:

> Increased performance due to high power density
> Increased running times due to high energy content and efficient energy recovery
> Longer operational life due to low operating temperature
> Higher energy cost savings due to excellent energy efficiency
> Suitable for fast charging and multi opportunity charging*


TENSOR batteries can increase the operating time of materials handling trucks. Concurrently, TENSOR batteries have a significantly lower operating temperature which has a positive effect on the operational life. Additionally, the excellent energy efficiency ensures decreased energy costs and avoids carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Compared to conventional traction batteries, an advantage of approximately 36% can be expected.**

Moreover, TENSOR provides unique properties in environments where maximum performance is required. In cold storage applications, for example, TENSOR exceeds the transshipment performance of standard traction batteries by more than 50%. This characteristic at low temperatures makes TENSOR also ideally suited for heavy-duty trucks which are operated outdoors throughout the year.

A particular strength of the TENSOR battery is its excellent charge efficiency. Thus, TENSOR batteries can be fully recharged within 4 hours and efficient opportunity charging means battery changes can be avoided.*

Areas of Application & Available Cell Types

Preferred Areas of Application for TENSOR Batteries

The increase in power and capacity as well as the excellent performance at low temperatures and the fast charging capability make TENSOR the perfect solution for the following applications:


High-rack facilities / Narrow aisle


Cold storage / Outdoor applications


Accessory equipment / Additional electrical consumers


Heavy duty applications


24/7 applications


Seasonal business / Activity peaks

The Fast Charging Battery

Fast charging of TENSOR batteries

TENSOR batteries are designed to significantly decrease downtimes, therefore these batteries allow a full recharge from 80% depth of discharge in just 4 hours. This is possible due to the excellent charge acceptance of TENSOR batteries and the high efficiency, which leads to a cooler battery and very low energy losses.

The TENSOR fast charging package

All components of the GNB fast charging package for TENSOR batteries are working together perfectly with one goal – fast recharging of TENSOR batteries under optimized conditions


* Multi-charging characteristic Z-profile

The highly sophisticated charging regime (Z-profile) in combination with air agitation and a temperature probe supports the excellent fast charging characteristics of TENSOR. At the same time this TENSOR fast charging setup enables frequent fast opportunity charging of TENSOR batteries during available pauses. The air agitation effectively prevents the acid stratification effect and ensures that the TENSOR battery stays powerful and healthy.

Fast Charging & Opportunity Charging

Multi-shift applications

For standard batteries in multi-shift applications, changing of batteries is normally required. TENSOR can, depending on the application, decrease the number of battery changes in multi-shift applications or avoid battery changing completely:

Scenario 1

TENSOR fulfils two shifts – No changing of batteries required

Scenario 2

TENSOR opportunity charging model – No changing of batteries required

Scenario 3

TENSOR works more – Less changing of batteries required

Fast (Opportunity) Charging of TENSOR Batteries

Chargers from GNB‘s 2100HP series can be ordered with the Z-profile which enables fast charging and very effective opportunity charging of TENSOR cells. The following table clearly shows the correct charger type depending on the voltage and capacity of the TENSOR battery.

Charger allocation TENSOR / Z-profile