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These batteries truly live up to their new name – MARATHON

GNB® Industrial Power uses its technical expertise to make your business more profitable.
The efficient and reliable GNB MARATHON team goes the distance for your business.


Classic becomes
MARATHON Classic –
proven, powerful and reliable


Liberator Silver becomes
low maintenance with water
and energy saving


Liberator Gold becomes
minimum maintenance and
maximum efficiency

MARATHON Batteries
The economical solution
Energy solutions for all applications

The innovative MARATHON battery range from GNB® Industrial Power creates a new standard in traction batteries. MARATHON batteries are the ideal choice for light duty to heavy duty applications. These batteries are designed to power all types of industrial trucks, and are also perfectly suited for all other applications where a powerful and robust power source with high cyclability is required. Low maintenance MARATHON Excell and Aqua batteries significantly decrease maintenance and energy costs, which can be decreased even further using the +AIR option.


Light Duty

> Limited handling performance
> 1 or 2-shift operations
> Normal environmental conditions
> Indoor applications, even ground
> Example: hand pallet truck in a supermarket

Medium Duty

> Medium handling performance
> 1 or 2-shift operations
> Temperature variations, dust
> Partial outdoor applications, uneven ground
> Example: 1-2t forklift at a loading ramp

Heavy Duty

> High handling performance
> 2 or 3-shift operations
> Elevated temperatures, dust
> Partial outdoor applications, uneven ground
> Examples: 3-5t forklift, order picker, VNA truck in warehouse

Extreme Duty

> Superior handling performance
> 2 or 3-shift operations
> High dust load, very high or low temperatures
> Indoor/outdoor applications
> Accessory equipment (clamps, multiple forks)
> Examples: Forklifts over 5t, distribution centres, cold storage, mining, chemical industry

MARATHON Batteries
Economical and powerful
Reduced operating costs due to extended watering intervals

Extended watering intervals help to cut operating costs by saving water and maintenance. When GNB charging technology is used, watering intervals can be extended to 40 and up to 200 working days depending on battery type.

Reduced Emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2), soot and noise emissions must be significantly reduced to meet environmental and public health objectives. Shifting to electric-powered trucks puts these goals within easy reach. Future-ready MARATHON technology makes it easier to change from combustion-engine trucks to battery-powered trucks.

Environmentally Friendly

Because MARATHON batteries are based on lead-acid technology, they are fully recyclable – an important additional advantage over other battery technologies.
Long service life, high energy efficiency and recyclability make MARATHON batteries a true green choice.