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Flexi ECO AC
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The remanufactured Flexi AC forklift truck, available up to 2500kgs capacity 

All latest Flexi AC components fitted, saves 65% of original carbon used during manufacture 

Latest Zapi AC drive technology for low battery usage and service costs 

All developed for handling both the Euro Alliance and ISO pallets 

Four chassis options for 3M to 14M stacking and optimum travel speed in aisle 

220° over rotation for maximum clearance and manoeuvrability in aisles 

Lift heights up to 14 metres 

Unique Clear ‘VISION’ lift mast for full forward fork visibility 

Patented ‘HiVIS’ twin post safety headguard design exceeds all EU/CE standards 

Twin front wheel drive means no tyre scrub replica when turning 

AC technology for fast acceleration and travel speed plus lower power usage 

Independent 1.8 kW power steering motor for maximum energy saving 

Independent 1.8 kW power steering motor for safe accurate hydraulic steering 



A Cost effective Flexi AC Solution 

Environmentally Sensitive and Sustainable Solution 

Cost Effective – save 30% on new cost 

Low Carbon – 65% less Co² consumed in build 

Zapi AC Technology

A state of the art Zapi AC control system and motors are installed. Low energy consumption with exceptionally smooth driving.

Low Carbon

All cast iron and steel components are removed, inspected, upgraded and repainted saving over 30% of raw material costs.

Environmentally Sensitive

All components are removed and replaced with the latest specification new parts.

Treaded Superelastic Tyres

New treaded superelastic tyres allow operation on standard warehouse floors or in loading yard.

All Hydraulics Replaced

All motive and hydraulic components replaced with latest version. All lift components are latest specification.

High Quality New Battery

Complete new battery and tank installed. Low energy charger supplied.