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We at KK Power deal in wide range of Material Handling Equipments, Complete Racking Solution, Industrial Cleaning Equipment, Water Purification Plant, Disaster Management Equipments, Water Generation & Packaging Equipments, System for Peace Makers, Motive Power Batteries, Backup Batteries and Industrial Tires. Our Company is a renowned name in every industry which has a logistical operation. From multinational organizations to small trading houses, industrial and government departments, we are the mark of top quality products, services and customer support.

We are based in four different regions and we tend to expand further within coming times. KK POWER Group is a family owned business, our first division was established in 1993 which focused on supplying motive power and backup power solution. This unit established in Karachi, Pakistan with a team of three people. But through our quality services and performances gradually we expanded to multiple cities and today we are known as the number 1 solution providers for Material Handling, Racking, Profession Cleaning Equipment, Motive & Backup Power in Pakistan.

By 2006 having acquired the relevant knowledge and command in the field of Logistics Solution we started providing our services in Afghanistan, which was the most critical region marked after 9/11 2001. Despite of being new to the area we did what we do we won their hearts by delivering our best services and struck our flag in Afghanistan as well. In 2010 we entered in the UAE market to explore the hub of business and render our services in the region and in 2011 we entered the UK.

Message From Directors

Head Of Business Development:

Dear Business Associates,
KK Power is not only a name or a company it is a passion to grow, serve and excel. Our story is carved by untiring hard work, dedication and adherence of team members to our mission. For our clients we are a name which stands for its commitment, customer care, integrity, product knowledge, heart winning services and competitive prices.

All this has been achievable through the perseverance of our team members and visionary perspective of the founders. We humbly offer gratitude to all our clients for their complete faith inn KK Power’s commitment to “Progress through Powerful Tools”. Our mission is to develop an everlasting bond with our customers. For our principles we do not just focus on the sale graph but cater to developing an informed market that understands its needs before choosing right product.

We believe in building the image of what we represent, our technical team is sound enough to give the best after sales support even in areas where access is a risk.

To us success is not a destination, it is a contentious journey.

Head Of Technical Support:

Dear Business Associates,
We are proud to say that our company KK Power International has proved to be the best in the test of time. Over the years, we have built a setup based on reliability and punctuality.

Our aim is to provide first class services to satisfy the demands of our customers. Our Vision is to expand our horizon, we started with a very small setup but now by the grace of Almighty we have built a substantial business. Our aim is to bring more lucrative business to our company. We strive to maintain a healthy and promising relation with our principles and customers.

KK Power recognizes the importance of technical staff for smooth operations. Our technical support structure allows the creation of a better working environment and simultaneously improve efficiency for our customers.

We conduct training and development programs for our technical staff which gives them opportunities to improve their skills and abilities, to polish them for increased responsibilities. Our technical staff are a group of trained individuals who are capable of handling problems by using these training skills to their full potential. This procedure is followed to keep them updated to resolve any upcoming hurdles at the earliest.

Our relation starts when after delivering the product and services, we target to win hearts and minds of our customers through our after sales services.